Movie Sync


Sync your movie watching with your friends! If you want to watch a video at the same time with your friends, this is the extension for you!

You can download it from the Google Chrome Web Store

Includes support for: Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vimeo, and many more...

NOTE: You will all need to have a valid account / subscription to these sites

To start, simply go to the site with the Video / Movie / TV Show:

  • Create a room by clicking the button in the movie-sync panel (in the bottom-right corner)
  • Type in a room password to keep your room secure
  • Copy the room link from the movie-sync panel
  • Send this link to your friends (and tell them the password)
  • Once they use the link and type in the password, they will have joined your room

Then the extension will keep you in sync!

Feel free to navigate to other videos, and the room will switch all your friends over with you.

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